burnoutThe only constant in the world to day is the constant of change.  In Asia, change is coming at a profound and increasing pace.  Change is profound and sustained and relates, simultaneously, to social, demographic, cultural, business and technological conditions.  Sometimes known as the increasingly  VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous).
It all adds up to a world of high pressure, information overload and continuous “overstimulation”.  This leads in turn, for many of us, to extreme feeling of stress, overwhelm, burnout and, in the worst ase, a significant and pernicious reduction in well being.

The result, for many, physical and mental health conditions leading to reduced functionality and performance.

The Transcend Institute for Mindfulness-Based approaches is an organisation dedicated to help people lead more productive and happy lives by helping to cultivate skills leading to resilience, calmness, perspective-taking and emotional balance.  The aim of the Institute is exceptional well being, happiness and, consequently, success.