What Happens (Subjectively) When We Meditate?

In respect to such things as “emotional regulation”, impulse control, distractibility and the like, some people say “it’s just human nature.. I don’t believe I really can control it……”

Well, in fact we are regulating and “controlling” our so called human nature all the time. It is of our nature to be able to do this as we have developed the capacity for “self awareness” which is currently thought to be a unique quality of humans. Without this capacity for self-regulation and awareness we would simply be eating off others’ plates just because we’re hungry or doing all sorts of other things in response to the threat / reward systems encoded in older regions of our brain.

What has happened is that our social structures, which are learned and change over time, dictate, how we “need” to exercise self-regulatory capacity. In other words the old brain faculty of moving away from threat and towards reward are modified by new brain learning to be far removed from the their evolutionary mandate of helping us survive in a “tribal” society.  In such a society, a greater percentage of our perceived threats were existential rather than psychologically installed through our involvement in social and cultural institutions with their languages and practices.


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