An evidence-based breakthrough program for resilience through exceptional sustained mental and well being.

Simultaneous, profound and sustained shifts in social, demographic, cultural, economic and technological conditions have created an unprecedented need for agility, resilience and adaptability within individuals and their organisations.  Consequently, depending on your point of view, todays disruptive environment provides, almost on a daily basis, threat or opportunity.

In order to respond adaptively to all of this, and to see opportunity and threats appropriately for what they are, people need excellent emotional and mental balance.  Emotional balance is the foundation for adaptability, resilience, presence, attention, emotional and social intelligence and much more.  It is the foundation for everything that sustained flourishing and well-being requires in the modern world and is a prerequisite for the vertical development which is necessary to adapt in the face of to todays challenges.

Some questions….

Do you spend time worrying about the future or ruminating on the past ?

Do you have difficulty keeping on track with your goals and tasks?

Do you notice a background level of anxiety or arousal?

Do you sometimes experience “destructive emotions” such as anxiety or anger?

Is your moment-by-moment intent, motivation or behaviour disconnected from the person you want to be?

Do you find yourself unable to sustain attention on important goals or tasks, being instead distracted by things that come up?

In particular, do these distractions prevent you from what you need to do so you can to be what you want to be?

Do you find difficulties with negotiations and requests?  Knowing when to say yes and how to say no?

Do you have difficulty speaking and behaving with inspiring presence?

Research has shown the any of the above may derail your success and well-being.  The good news, however, is that if any of the above apply to you or your people :

  • You are not alone, and
  • Recent research in neuroscience and emotional psychology has led to the creation of scientifically validated pathway to create improved performance, reduce stress and sustain well-being. This program creates the conditions for being able to use all your internal and external resources to make the best decisions available in key moments of choice, without being unduly affected by afflictive emotional states.

This course will teach you the path to cultivating the three major components of emotional balance, namely:

Attentional balance – Research shows that our internal resources, including our motivation and inspiration can be quickly overcome by the constant barrage of, often competing, stresses and anxieties.  We show how to create a quality of mind which is both calm and clear at the same time enabling sustained attention on what we choose.  As well as being the foundation of emotional intelligence, attention is basis of all higher cognitive, social and emotional ability.

In the words of Dr Alan Wallace, this part of the training “makes your mind serviceable” so that the other areas below can be developed.  Through specific practices and training we develop the faculty of being able to turn off the “autopilot” and pay attention to what we choose, withdraw attention from other influences while maintaining acute awareness of what is needed from us and what we, in turn, need for success.

Cognitive balance – see reality for what it is by being able to separate fact from “mental projections”, pereptual distortions and embellishments,

Conative balance – learn the tools to remain mindful of your important commitments, strategies and goals in key moments of choice, in turn enabling your to keep moving towards “the prize”.  At the same time, discover what is really important to you and learn ways to remain “authentic” to who you are.

It is no longer arguable that emotional and social intelligence are more important that either IQ or functional / technical ability when it comes to success and happiness.   The challenge is that while this is understood, few have developed the appropriate skills.  For many, emotional and social competence in a professional or a “life” setting breaks down as stress levels increase.  Under stress, when emotions and anxieties emerge, our behaviour defaults to a “threat state” and we lose access to the whole range of possibilities and resources which are available to us in calmer times.  Behaviours, decisions and professional / social interactions are often sub-optimal, based on assumptions and distorted perceptions about the needs and intent of others, and those of ourselves.

CEB helps individuals to flourish in their work and life.  In other words it helps create the conditions for participants to do the right thing at the right time with all their available inner and outer resources and, thereby, be at their best.

Who should attend

This course is designed to be of maximum benefit to individuals who are serious about developing resilience, presence and effectiveness while reducing stress and developing exceptional emotional and mental well being.  It will also be of benefit to organisations who are looking for profound shifts towards a culture of innovation, collaboration, inspiration and teamwork whose people are motivated, engaged and productive.