Genos EI Certification – Introduction 

The Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification Program is specially designed to make you the expert in applying Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. Learn from internationally recognised experts who develop and apply emotional intelligence with Fortune 500 companies every day.

You will leave the certification program being able to:

  1. Design and sell emotional intelligence solutions to clients 
  2. Develop individuals’ and teams’ emotional intelligence by assessing and debriefing their assessment results, and provide practical tools and techniques for applying and being more emotionally intelligent in the workplace
  3. Design and deliver group emotional intelligence development sessions

Upcoming Emotional Intelligence Certification Program 

April 14 – 15, 2016 (Thursday, Friday)

June 15 – 16, 2016 (Wednesday, Thursday)

September 8 – 9, 2016 (Thursday, Friday)

Who Should Attend

The Genos EI Certification Program is designed for experienced learning and organisational development professionals, human resource consultants, executive coaches, and organisational psychologists.

For more information or to register, please click here.


A two-day facilitated program that includes:

  1. A personal 360-degree Emotional Intelligence Assessment and debrief by a certified coach
  2. Inspirational content
  3. Participative methods
  4. Experiential scenarios
  5. Action planning
  6. Practice facilitation and debriefing

To complete the course and gain certification, you must successfully debrief the results of a sample Genos 360-degree assessment with the Master Trainer. The Genos Master Trainer will act out the character of the sample report. After the session the Master Trainer will provide you with feedback on the session, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that you are able to apply Genos EI tools effectively and confidently.

Learning Outcomes

You will leave the certification program being able to: 

01. Design and sell emotional intelligence solutions to clients

02. Develop individuals’ and teams’ emotional intelligence by assessing and debriefing their assessment results, and provide practical tools and techniques for applying and being more emotionally intelligent in the workplace

03. Design and deliver group emotional intelligence development sessions


The benefits of becoming a Genos Certified Practitioner:

01. Association with the most well-recognised and respected organisation for applying emotional intelligence in the workplace

02. Access to an international network of over a thousand certified learning, organisational development, human resources and executive coaching professionals

03. Access to our members-only resource portal, containing all of our latest presentations, workshops, proposals, marketing material, case studies and research

04. Support from leading experts in the field including academics and highly-experienced practitioners

05. Promotion of you and your business on our website and in our newsletters. We ask all our certified practitioners to write up their work in our case study templates so we can promote these in our website communications and newsletters

Assessment & Debriefing 

01. The Genos Model of Emotional Intelligence

02. The Genos Assessments and Reports

03. How to powerfully debrief assessment results to individuals and teams

Developing Emotional Intelligence

01. The Genos EI development learning design

02. The Genos EI development experiential exercises

03. The Genos 10-module EI Enhancement Coaching Program

Designing and Selling Emotional Intelligence Solutions

01. How to make the business case for Emotional Intelligence

02. How to position the unique features of the Genos approach to assessing and developing EI in comparison to other EI approaches

03. How to respond to client needs and to design emotional intelligence development solutions


ICF Recognition

International Coach Federation certified coaches can earn 19.25 CCEU’s by completing the Genos EI Certification program

Maintaining your Certification

Professional and competent use of the Genos assessment tools comes from: 

01. Continued learning about their use;

02. Discussion and networking with other Certified Practitioners, and

03. Continued real-world experiences of their use.

To maintain your Genos Certification you will need to:

01. Debrief a minimum of three EI Reports in a 12-month period.

02. Attend at least one Genos professional development event each calendar year or participate in a virtually hosted event (e.g. webinar) or watch a recording thereof.

03. Maintain professional indemnity insurance at a minimum of AUD $1 million

Client Testimonials

“I found the Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification program to be extremely valuable and the facilitator provided a thought provoking and insightful two days of learning. The Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessments and associated support materials developed by Dr Ben Palmer have immediate and practical workplace application. As an organisation we have found the Genos assessments to be hugely beneficial as a means to support leadership development.” – Tim Horman – CitiPower and Powercor

 “My experience of the Genos EI Certification was that it was a very good course and a highly enjoyable program. The trainer was excellent, combining theory and examples from the field and extracting the valid points from the different contributions from the group. The resources and support provided by Genos made me confident I would be able to begin using the tool with my key clients right away.” – Louise Amos – Hudson

 “The Genos program is a must for all leaders. Emotional intelligence is a starting skill for all leaders and sales managers wanting to strengthen their development. The Genos offering is as good as it gets. Having participated in and observed many EI offerings, I can assure you the Genos offering is world class.  Brilliantly facilitated by Ian Hamilton, with his measured approach, combining theory and role plays, my team and myself were enlightened as we both became practitioners and learnt about ourselves as leaders. All leaders need EI training. Especially Sales managers. The Genos EI program is the best.” – Tim Brennan – GlaxoSmithKline