What We Offer

We offer world class mindfulness based programs aimed at helping cultivate exceptional mental and physical well-being. These include MBSR, Cultivating Emotional Balance, Mindfulness Based Transformational Coaching (and Coach Training) and Mindfulness for Busy People.

Who We Serve

Our vision is to be a centre of excellence and a resource for Professionals in the fields of medicine, psychology, coaching, education, business, healthcare etc who are interested to apply mindfulness into their various professional fields.

We serve the community at large by providing platforms and services for secular mindfulness based approaches which are informed by thousands of years of contemplative practices in various traditions as well as by cutting edge science.

Our Pillars


For all our programs, faculty members have all expressed dedication by following interconnected pathways of study and personal development is which are regarded as essential for effective teaching.  These standards apply equally to all the MBSR and related program teachers which are associated with the Institute.

We exist to help make the world a slightly better place by helping create the causes and conditions for individual happiness.  In order to be able better to serve our community, all our instructors are required to have a deep practice and also to attend regular retreats.  They are also required to attend regular professional education events to keep current with stress management science and best practice.  Our instructors are also experienced coaches and are also available for one to one counselling if needed.

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